Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Threats of Keeping the Children Become a Reality

My children have not been returned to me for three weeks now and Mr. Rabinowich stated today , "he has no intention to return them".

My ex, Mr. Rabinowich threatened in 2004 to take the children from me as his own father, Mr. Kiselevich took him from his mother. His father abducted him at the age of 6 and fled the country, traveling Israel, Europe and landing in Montreal, Canada until Mr. Rabinowich was 26 and came to America.  My ex then changed his name, to keep his identity a secret and his resurfacing after the 20 year kidnapping underground.

In 2004, both Mr. Rabinowich  and Mr. Kislevich threatened to take the children from me as well as threatned my life if I left the marriage. An order of protection was issued by the NY Family Court protecting the children and I and ordering a complete stay away against both Mr. Rabinowich and his father.

Mr. Rabinowich did not take the children directly but through the court system, attempted to take the children in every way possible including false abuse allegations, fraudulent calls to Childrens Protective Services, over 38 motions filled to the Supreme Court that required all my resources to be utilized to protect my children's well being, and constant harrassment and stalking of the children, myself, my employers and friends.

But now, as a result of an application I submitted to family court to relocate and my engagment to an individual my children have come to have a wonderful relationship with, Mr. Rabionwich became hostile and aggressive, harassing the children, punishing them for speaking to me, their mother, when they are visiting with him, stalking my fiance and I, and allowing his father, the kidnapper near the children despite court orders since 2004 not to see or speak to the children. Mr. Rabinowich was arrested on June 12th for violating the order of protection and is now facing three counts of criminal contempt.

Mr. Rabinowich then threatened on  June 14th, 2011 to take the children and that he would not return them to me, because he did not want my children and I to go to CA for the usual summer vacation and family celebrations. Police warned him to return the children or he would be in violation of the custody orders. But on June 21st, 2011 he intercepted the children from school an hour before school dismissal and I was informed only after I appeared in the carpool line on the last day of school that the children were gone.

Mr. Rabinowich then claimed he was taking his one week vacation, despite not having authority to do so. June 28th, 2011 came and again he did not return the boys. Police reports were made and upon receiving text messages from my son that they were driving somewhere and he was upset, worried and scared, the children were located in Pennsylvania via AT&T Family GPS. My son was texing, " find us on the GPS".
" Aba said he is not bringing us back". Pennsylvania police went to search for the children were the phone was located through the GPS and where my son had texted they are, but Mr. Rabinowich was not registered as a guest. Perhaps he had registered under another name. The police called and said they could not locate them.

On July 4th, 2011, again my children were expected to come home for my visitation per the custody order and they did not show. Police reports were filed and again I heard from my son via text who said, " aba said we are staying with him".

The court issued a writ on July 1st, 2011, which was served on Mr. Rabinowich by the sheriff on July 5th, 2011 to return the children to me. On July 6th, 2011, once again my children did not come home. Mr. Rabinowich claimed he was keeping the children.

I spoke to my eldest son last on June 30th, 2011. Thereafter, his phone was taken from him by his father. Upon complaining to the law guardain and the court, the phone was returned to my son on July 8th for a brief period in which he texted "I love you soooo much and when are we coming home". Since Sunday, the phone has been turned off and I have not spoken to my children.

Mr. Rabinowich is repeating the same behavior with my three children as his own father did to him. He believes that his children should not have a mother as he did not have one. He is abusing the children and myself and his attorney is supporting his actions. While advised by the children's attorney to return the children,he continues to keep them and further made a statement  today that " he intends not to return them".

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Secrets Exposed

I am coming forward to expose the truth and the share the injustice that my children and I have suffered at the hand of  Rabbi Avraham Rabinowich.  The purpose of coming forward at this moment is to put an end to the abuse and pain inflicted upon us by my ex husband and hopefully give strength and hope to other woman and children who suffer at the hands of people in positions of religious and political power.

I was married to Rabbi Avraham Rabinowich for 4 years, arranged by a prominent Rabbi In Boston with the expectation that I was devoting my life to a moral and ethical standard.  The guise of propriety began to unravel shortly after our nuptials.  The anger and abuse both physically and emotional began to emerge  as I became fearful and conflicted as to what life I was living.  Further Information began to emerge about his criminal history of arrest, abduction by his father which caused his mother not to see him for over twenty years, false rabbinical degree, arrest record for stealing with minors, monetary illegal conduct and  disorderly conduct. 

After I filed for divorce my ex and his father threatened to kidnap the three children and threatened my life if I was to press the issue, I sought protection from the NY Family Court and was granted an order of protection against both my ex-husband and his father in 2004. As a Clinical Health Psychologist, it was clear to me that my children were being negatively impacted by ex-husband’s abusive behavior and unwillingness to seek therapy for his sociopathic behavior.

The divorce started in 2004 and after my ex- refused to grant me a get (jewish divorce) for years despite Rabbi’s contacting him to oblige, the divorce was finalized in August of 2004 after he was caught on tape with the prostitutes.  He was subsequently exiled from the Orthodox Community and sought refuge in the conservative jewish domain.

My ex- husband took me to court again in 2007, making false abuse allegations, filing false CPS reports which have ALL been unfounded, lodging numerous complaints against me including one before the Nassau County Family Court where I was interning as a Psychologist and Child and Family Advocate of Hofstra Law School., going into my second year of law school.  I was forced to leave my employment at the court and subsequently have put my studies on hold.

Mr. Rabinowich  has also engaged in violating orders of protections, investigating me day and night, harassing the children and I, my family, my employment and even my synagogue.

The children have suffered tremendously and the Children for Justice Foundation wrote a letter regarding their concern for the well being of the children, as well as physicians, therapist, teachers and more to the court. They have been gravely affected by my ex-husband’s abusive conduct and they must be protected.

Unfortunately, these facts have been overshadowed by my ex-husband’s manipulation of the court system,  a Judge who adjudicated my case for over 7 years who is currently being investigated for racketeering with a litigant and system that is corrupted and is failing families daily.

Judge Laura Drager of the NY Supreme Court of Manhattan did not order child support, alimony, dragged the case for seven years, exhausting all my resources and legal fees, and causing my children and I emotional distress by having to be subjected to four forensics, three attorneys for the children, false cps investigations and admitted illegal funds received by an officer of the court by my ex-husband and his family to bias the custody decision.

Due to many years of abuse and legal injustice, I am forced to relocate back to where I grew up because my ex-husband continues to harass me and the children, refuses to provide my three children with a safe environment and monetary support and has continued his ongoing attempts to destroy me personally and professionally.

After filing a relocation petition in Nassau County Family Court, Mr. Rabinowich has violated orders of protection, was arrested on June 12th, 2011 facing three charges of criminal contempt and has violated the custody order, taking the children on June 21st and refusing to return them.

The children have texted, asking to be located on GPS and are upset and worried about the circumstances Mr. Rabinowich has created. Mr. Rabinowich threatened to not return the children and given his history of kidnapping and abuse, I was advised my rabbinical authorities to expose the story in order to help protect my children’s safety.

Judge Stack of the Nassau Family Court urged Mr. Rabinowich to make a reasonable visitation arrangement for the summer pending the relocation trial , but he refused and deflected his threats of kidnap , a typical pattern of abusive people.
While Judge Aaron from the Nassau Family Court issued a writ ordering Mr. Rabinowich return the children, Mr. Rabinowich has refused to follow the court orders and has kept the children now for over three weeks and  not allowed the children to communicate with me.